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1770 Village Place Studio 25, San Diego CA 92101
Art Glass Association of Southern California
36th Annual Members' Exhibition

Exhibit Location: Studio 21, 1770 Village Place,
 Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego CA 92101

We are looking forward to our 36th Annual Show
in Spanish Village. There are a few changes from
past years, which we are excited about. We are 
adding a Glass Boutique in the extra room (Annex)
in Gallery 21, which will be a separate application 
to the Annual Show. The purpose of this boutique 
is for AGASC artist to be able to sell additional 
items of their work during the show period as a 
"pay and take" item like the Art Glass Guild.
We are asking for Collections of 5 to 20 items that
may be more affordable to the public. Work needs
to be of good quality.  The participants in the 
boutique will be required to sit one day in the Glass
Boutique.  You may enter the show, the boutique
or both, but you are not required to enter both.

Another change is since Uroboros Glass was 
sold, they will no longer be a sponsor of the show.
So we will have two less categories in the show.  
The Uroboros Special Category and the Uroboros
Emerging Artist Category will no longer be in the 
show.  To compensate for the loss, we will 
be adding a $50 cash prize for the 1st place 
winner in each category.

The Annual Exhibition and Glass Boutique Dates To Remember Are:

Entry Deadline for both:  Monday, September 18th by Midnight.
Show Dates:  Friday, September 29th, through Monday, October 9th.
Art and Boutique Intake:  Tuesday, September 26th 4 to 7PM
                                         Patio is open to drive on at 5:30 PM
Painting and gallery prep:  Tuesday, September 26th at 11AM
Hanging the Show:   Wednesday September 27th
Getting the Glass Boutique ready: Thursday September 28th
Judging: Friday, September 29th
Gallery will open after the judges are finished, (usually 12 Noon)
Artist’s Reception:  Sunday, October 1st– 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Pick up (both) and cleanup is Monday October 9th from 1:00 to 5:00pm
We have to be out of the Gallery by 5:00pm

​                                      Entries Are Now Closed
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