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1770 Village Place Studio 25, San Diego CA 92101

2018 AGASC Annual Members’ Exhibition
Ribbon Winners
(Photos are below and on members gallery page)

Best of Show                 My Dance Book                       Gayle Tunney Richardson

1st Place                         Ferdinand                                Kathleen Mitchell            
2nd Place                        City Heat                                 Jack Wade                      
3rd Place                         Got Flow?                               Susan Hirsch                  

1st Place                         Fusion                                     Susan Hirsch                  
2nd Place                       Tequila Wunderkammer           Ty Creighton                   
3rd Place                        Parrotfish                                  Aaron Cahn                    

Wall Art 
1st Place                         Always One In the Crowd        Krista Baroudi                 
2nd Place                       Solve Arguments With              Leslie Perlis                    
                                             A Dance Off
3rd Place                         I Go Crazy, If I Don’t                Leslie Perlis                    
                                             Have Chocolate

Wearable Art
1st Place                         More Sparkle Please                Linda Dillard                   
2nd Place                        Allure                                        Lyn Feudner                   

Mixed Media
1st Place                         Fissure #8 Hawaii                     Sandy Levin                   
2nd Place                        Fukashima Float                       Ty Creighton                   
3rd Place                        California Wildfires                     Cathy Coverley              

1st Place                         Red Incalmo Plate                     Rich Lane                        
2nd Place                        Muse Descending                     Ty Creighton                   
                                             A Staircase 
3rd Place `                       Blue Vase                                 Rich Lane                       

Oceanside Glass & Tile - Special
1st Place                         Into The Woods                         Paul Messink                 
2nd Pace                        Blue Slash                                  Jack Wade                     
3rd Place                        Striation                                      Jack Wade                     

Oceanside Glass & Tile – Emerging Artist
1st Place                         Vivid                                           Denise Lenox                

Coatings by Sandberg
1st Place                          Lost World                                 Jon Simpson                 
2nd Place                         Radiance                                   Jack Wade                    
3rd Place                          Reptillian Prism                         Jon Simpson                 

People’s Choice             Always One In the Crowd          Krista Baroudi               

           Gayle Tunney Richardson                               Paul Messink                                   Kathleen Mitchell
                 "My Dance Book"                                    "Into The Woods"                                   "Ferdinand"

                    Susan Hirsch                                         Linda Dillard                                      Krista Baroudi
                         "Fusion"                                     "More Sparkle Please"                    "Always One In The Crowd"

                    Sandy Levin                                                Rich Lane                                      Denise Lenox
               "Fissure #8 Hawaii"                                 "Red Incalmo Plate"                                    "Vivid"

                                     Jon Simpson                                                              Krista Baroudi
                                     "Lost World"                                                      "Always One In The Crowd"