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1770 Village Place Studio 25, San Diego CA 92101
Art Glass Association of Southern California
36th Annual Members' Exhibition
Ribbon Winners

Best of Show                            Kathleen Mitchell                               Obscura

Uroboros Special
1st                                            Susan Hirsch                                      Questionable
2nd                                           Susan Hirsch                                      Juxtaposition
3rd                                            Jack Wade                                          Inside Circles

Uroboros Emerging Artist
1st                                            Krista Baroudi                                     Threads
2nd                                           Denise Nelson                                    My Block

Coatings by Sandberg
1st                                            Jon Simpson                                       Polygonal
2nd                                           Jon Simpson                                       Reefs
3rd                                            Jo Ann Pastori                                    Pathways

1st                                            Lyn Feudner                                        The Race Is On

1st                                            Kathleen Mitchell                                 Obscura
2nd                                           Pati Fabian                                          Fiery Chinese Dragon
3rd                                            Cathy Coverley                                    Fire Coral

1st                                            Patty Yockey                                        Topo Lineage
2nd                                           Patty Yockey                                        Lava Lamp
3rd                                            Patty Yockey                                        Murine Bowl

Wall Art
1st                                            Gayle Tunney Richardson                    Willie
2nd                                           Susan Hirsch                                        What Are Words For II
3rd                                            Jennifer Brennan                                  Dog of My Heart

Wearable Art
1st                                            Mary Bridgland                                     Montage in Mint
2nd                                           Mary Bridgland                                     Joya
3rd                                            Mary Bridgland                                     Lumiere in Amber

Mixed Media
1st                                            Rich Stewart                                         The Devils Playground
2nd                                           Kathleen Mitchell                                  Bird on a Wire
3rd                                            Kathleen Mitchell                                  Time Line    

1st                                            Jennifer Gifford                                     Pod
2nd                                            Krista Baroudi                                      Day At the Beach
3rd                                            Susan Calkins                                      Seahorse

People's Choice                        Leslie Perlis                                         Moody Blue