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1770 Village Place Studio 25, San Diego CA 92101


Art Glass Association of Southern California
 40th Annual Members' Exhibition
Ribbon Winners

Category                                                                    Name of Artist                                            Title of Art  

Best of Show                                                             Kathleen Mitchell                                        Chrysalis

Oceanside Glass & Tile Special 1st                          Cathy Coverley                                           Syn: Visible Sign of Something Invisible
Oceanside Glass & Tile Special 2nd                         Paul Messink                                              Where My Soul Lingers 
Oceanside Glass & Tile Special 3rd                          Susan Hirsch                                              Nest

Oceanside Glass & Tile Emerging Artist 1st              Michelle Bohannan Sherer                         Black Oval Platter
Oceanside Glass & Tile Emerging Artist 2nd             Ramona McNamee                                    Rosie Pearl Platter

Coatings by Sandberg 1st                                         Vicki Leon                                                   Chakrameter II
Coatings by Sandberg 2nd                                        Jon Simpson                                               Jupiter VII
Coatings by Sandberg 3rd                                         Jon Simpson                                               Arrowhead

Sculpture 1st                                                              Susan Hirsch                                              Perspective
Sculpture 2nd                                                             Dennis Wharton                                         Emergence
Sculpture 3rd                                                              Ramona McNamee (Chess board)            Gunmetal Chess Set
                                                                                   Pati Fabian (Chess pieces)  
Sculpture Honorable Mention                                    Evie Ault                                                      Beauty 400

Vessels 1st                                                                 Ramona McNamee                                    Cranberry Platter  
Vessels 2nd                                                                Jack Wade                                                 Milky Way Bowl w/Lid
Vessels 3rd                                                                 Susan Hirsch                                             Juxtaposed  

Wall Art 1st                                                                 Krista Heron                                               Deco Glam
Wall Art 2nd                                                                Vicki Leon                                                  Summer’s Daydream
Wall Art 3rd                                                                 Tom Marosz                                               Sedona Sunset  
Wall Art Honorable Mention                                        Susan Depriest                                          Forever

Wearable Art 1st                                                         Joyce Rooks                                              Bubble and Pop Necklace
Wearable Art 2nd                                                        Cathy Coverley                                          Koi
Wearable Art 3rd                                                         Kay Teeters                                               Dragon Scales

Mixed Media 1st                                                          Kathleen Mitchell                                      Chrysalis  
Mixed Media 2nd                                                         Susan Hirsch                                            Remembrance
Mixed Media 3rd                                                          Diana Griffin                                              Ki no ue no garasu no ki                                                                                                                                                                                             (Glass tree on wood) 

Novice 1st                                                                    Jacob Barfield                                          Four Corners
Novice 2nd                                                                   Michelle Bohannan Sherer                      Beauty Under Pressure
Novice 3rd                                                                    Michelle Bohannan Sherer                      Surf Whisperer
Novice Honorable Mention                                           Vinnie Mattazaro                                     Sky In A Glass

People’s Choice                                                            Tom Marosz                                            Baby Blue Monk