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1770 Village Place Studio 25, San Diego CA 92101
2017 AGASC Annual Members’ Exhibition                         
Ribbon Winners                        

Best of Show                      Prey                                         Kathleen Mitchell

1st Place                             The Wall                                   Susan Hirsch
2nd Place                             Repetion                                 Susan Hirsch
3rd Place                             Transition #2                            Ilanit Shalev
Honorable Mention              Turtles At Play                         Linda Dillard

1st Place                              Soul Mates                              Kathleen Mitchell
2nd Place                             Sushi On Celadon                   Krista Baroudi
3rd Place                              Barney                                    Patrick McNerney

Wall Art
1st Place                              At the Edge of the Ice,             Krista Baroudi
                                                 Peninsula Antartica
2nd Place                             Field of Dreams                       Mark Title
3rd Place                              Legend                                    Gayle T. Richardson
Honorable Mention               Remembering Klaus                Bill Matulich

Wearable Art
1st Place                              Fancy                                      Lyn Feudner
2nd Place                             Printemps                                Pati Fabian
3rd Place                             Twistie Indecision                     Linda Dillard

Mixed Media
1st Place                              Prey                                        Kathleen Mitchell
2nd Place                             The Ravages of Time             Kathleen Mitchell
3rd Place                              The Morning after                   Mark Title

1st Place                               California Gray #1                  Ty Creighton
2nd Place                              Then and Now                       Mark Title
3rd Place                               A Tear For My Angel             Dennis Wharton
Honorable Mention                Alien Seed Pod                     Melissa McCauley

Coatings by Sandberg
1st Place                              Jupiter 2                                Jon Simpson
2nd Place                             Indulging Dots                       Jack Wade
3rd Place                              Re-sister Sisters                   Carol Korfin
Honorable Mention               Moonlight Squared               Jo Ann Pastori 

1st Place                              Giraffe Trio                             Lyn Feudner

People’s Choice                  Jupiter 2                                Jon Simpson